haddam killingworth high school improvements

Region 17 hired Capitol Region Education Council (CREC) as Program Manager to oversee several of it’s high school upgrades. Friar Architecture worked closely with CREC to complete both the high school’s auditorium renovation and photovoltaic panel addition:

The 9,000 square foot auditorium interior renovation included new seating, flooring, paint and stage curtains. Other upgrades included a custom designed sound booth desk to control new lighting and audio system. A new bridge connecting the main level with the stage and a wheelchair lift were also added to provide accessibility.

Friar Architecture worked alongside Consulting Engineering Services (CES) to design and implement the photovoltaic energy upgrades. With 1,478 panels and 675kW generated power, the photovoltaic panels generate approximately 37% of the electrical power required by the facility. These are bifacial panels – which absorb both direct sunlight and sunlight reflected off the white membrane roof. This newer technology produces more power than traditional panels, while covering the same surface area. Visit Friar’s website to see a flyover view of the project.

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