Friar Associates employees Linda Blaszka and Jamie Young dropped off the Friar Pet Drive items to Our Companions’ sanctuary in Ashford, CT. Our Companions has 40+ acres of land and takes in animals that need help. Some of the animals were abused, while others are suffering from terminal illnesses. Jamie commented, “One dog we met, Rosie, had been abused and practically starved to death until she came to their facility. Now is she a healthy and happy dog (see picture below).”

The facility provides each dog with his/her own “room” instead of just a crate to live in. Almost all the cats also have their own rooms plus a screened-in porch area for fresh air. Our Companions offers so much more than just shelter, such as rehabilitation therapy, training courses, and medical attention for the animals, and even bereavement seminars for people who have lost a pet.

The sanctuary is currently adding several new homes for the animals, and Our Companions is hoping to bring in more of these needy pets with these new facilities. Linda summed up the experience, saying, “Most of the people there were volunteers and extremely passionate about what they are doing. What a wonderful facility!”

Thank you to everyone who donated both items and funds to this great cause as part of the Friar Pet Drive held during the month of March.

To learn more about their organization, please visit their website at: